Staircase in Rome

High-quality & individual style

Penthouse in Rome

This commission was delivered to a penthouse in Rome┬┤s center in December 2016. The client and I already met in 2005 when he ordered a bookshelf for his apartment house. In 2016, when he bought the penthouse in Rome, he comissioned a beautiful staircase that should be the protagonist in the central room leading to a loft he had created.

He liked the combination of the three materials -wrought iron for the structure and banister, granit “madeira gold” for the steps, and oak wood for handrail and the wood pannels, the same as on the wooden floor.


Steps after lasercutting and bending


Layout of the stair in the workshop


Forging of the element for the railing


little break with my helper Daniel Fryne from Scotland


Layout of the forged elements for the railing


Nearly finished


Ready to take the stairway to heaven

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  1. Tyler Parkinson

    I heart Rome! I have only been once for 3 days, so I didn t really know about all of the staircases. A creative post.


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