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Entrance gate for a garden lover

High-quality & individual style Gate for Garden Lover The clients from Great Britain, had e property since 2000, they wanted a gate that functions more than e barrier as a sculptural element that fits in their beautify garden. The fabrication of the gate The gate...

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My little sculpture collection

Unique stile of precious everlasting objects Small decorative art pieces This artpieces are growing of my kreativ hands Artpieces These pieces I do create for a personal research on naturalistic forms Would you like me to work for you? Eros platea. Integer, mus est...

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Staircase in Rome

High-quality & individual style Penthouse in Rome This commission was delivered to a penthouse in Rome´s center in December 2016. The client and I already met in 2005 when he ordered a bookshelf for his apartment house. In 2016, when he bought the penthouse in...

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And I am going to inform you about events and provide news from the world of forging.

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